1. Wespennest/Candidasa EP (PAMPA040)
    DJ Koze

  2. Fantasmagorii EP (PAMPA039)

  3. knock knock Remixes #2 (PAMPADIGI003)
    DJ Koze

  4. knock knock Remixes #1 (PAMPA038)
    DJ Koze

  5. Moon Rider EP (PAMPA037)

  6. At The Moment (PAMPACD015)
    Mano Le Tough

  7. Together (PAMPADIGI002)
    Mano Le Tough

  8. Aye Aye Mi Mi (PAMPA036)
    Mano Le Tough

  9. Nata Alma / Venq Tolep EP (PAMPA035)
    Robag Wruhme

  10. Venq Tolep (PAMPACD014)
    Robag Wruhme

  11. Chicama EP (Pampa034)
    Dave DK

  12. Nata Alma (Radio Version)
    Robag Wruhme

  13. It'll All Be Over (Pampa033)
    Gerry Read

  14. In your eyes (Pampa032)

  15. Robag Wruhme – Wuzzelbud FF (H&T04)
    Robag Wruhme

  16. knock knock - (PAMPACD013)
    DJ Koze

  17. Pick Up (PAMPA031)
    DJ Koze

  18. Frankfurt Main / Saida 222 (H&T03)
    Stimming / Dave DK

  19. Being Special (Pampa029)
    Sophia Kennedy

  20. Seeing Aliens (PAMPA030)
    DJ Koze

  21. Ashure (Pampa028)
    Mano Le Tough

  22. Sophia Kennedy (PAMPACD012)
    Sophia Kennedy

  23. Driven / Xmop 198 (H&T02)
    Dj Koze / Robag Wruhme

  24. How close to be (Pampa027)
    Mike Dehnert

  25. Sky So High / Zumwald (H&T01)
    Soulphiction / Mike Dehnert

  26. DJ Koze Presents Pampa Vol. 1 (PAMPACD011)
    Pampa Records

  27. Floripa EP (Pampa026)

  28. 1979 EP (Pampa025)
    Axel Boman

  29. XTC EP (Pampa024)
    Dj Koze

  30. Cybekks EP (Pampa023)
    Robag Wruhme

  31. Reincarnations Part 2 - The Remix Chapter 2009 - 2014 (PAMPACD010)
    Dj Koze

  32. Southern Sun (Pampa022)

  33. Amygdala Remixes #2 (Pampa021)
    Dj Koze

  34. Perfect like you / Woolloomooloo (Pampa020)
    Ricoshëi / Dave DK

  35. When Radio was Boss (Pampa019)

  36. Amygdala Remixes #1 (Pampa018)
    Dj Koze

  37. The Chicken (Pampa017)
    Die Vögel

  38. Sheets of Rane (Pampa016)

  39. California Analog Dream (The Robag Wruhme Remixes) (Pampa015)

  40. Kosi Comes Around (PAMPACD009)
    DJ Koze

  41. Amygdala (PAMPACD007)
    DJ Koze

  42. La Duquesa / Burn With Me (PAMPA014)
    DJ Koze

  43. Allowance EP (Pampa013)

  44. My Orphaned Son / It's Only (Pampa012)
    DNTEL / Herbert

  45. Mir A Nero (Pampa011)
    Michel Cleis

  46. The Robag Wruhme Remixes (Pampa010)

  47. Aimlessness (PAMPACD006)

  48. Kurama (Pampa009)

  49. Fratzengulasch (Pampa008)
    Die Vögel

  50. Meine zarten Pfoten (PAMPACD005)

  51. How Are You (Pampa007)
    Christopher Rau

  52. We are Monster (PAMPACD004)

  53. Rest (PAMPACD003)

  54. Thora Vukk (PAMPACD002)
    Robag Wruhme

  55. Thora Vukk (PAMPACD002)
    Robag Wruhme

  56. Taktell / Thora Vukk (Pampa006)
    Isoleé / Robag Wruhme

  57. Well Spent Youth - (PAMPACD001)

  58. Xmas Rush / Mi Cyaan Believe It (Pampa005)
    Nathan Fake / Dj Koze

  59. Holy Love (Pampa004)
    Axel Boman

  60. Rue Burnout (Pampa003)
    Dj Koze

  61. DiscoDisco2 (Pampa002)

  62. Blaue Moschee (Pampa001)
    Die Vögel


Pampa Records Hamburg, Germany

Pampa Records is a independent record label dedicated to releasing music that's seriously danceable without recourse to the tried and tested ingredients. A home for tunes that will conquer hearts and take root there forever, music that's brave and not afraid to break with convention. The record label is owned by DJ Koze. ... more

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